Oak Island Fishing Pier Oak Island North Carolina
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Largest King caught on Yaupon Pier
Chuck 50lbs

Oak Island Fishing Pier Oak Island North Carolina

Cool Runnings Charters Oak Island,NC

Oak Island Fishing Pier Oak Island North Carolina


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  Oak Island Fishing Pier Oak Island North Carolina



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       1,150 Pound Tiger Shark beach display, caught in June 1966 from the YAUPON BEACH PIER by Walter Maxwell.

       Walter Maxwell Memorial with photos and history of the NC State and word record Tiger Sharks he caught.

       Educational posters and displays provide information about sharks and other salt water fish caught on the NC coast.

       JAWS attacks and sinks a boat music and video.

       Swimming and feeding 1,000 lb. Tiger Shark video.

       Long Beach Pier photos and memorabilia.

       Photo Booth offers to take and email your photo with YBJAWS.


         Opened March 13, 2015 a work in progress.






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Not the record, but the same guy, same Pier, different year
Walter Maxwell with his left handed 16/0 and his Yaupon pier Tiger shark

Oak Island Pier Oak Island North Carolina

Walter Maxwell was a land-based shark fisherman ahead of his times, He applied himself to his sport like few do and he excelled because of it. He still holds the world record Tiger shark of 1780 lbs caught on Cherry Grove pier (South Carolina) in 1964.In this picture taken one week before he broke his world record he caught this Tiger shark on Yaupon pier (North Carolina)in June 1964.Walter Maxwell still holds the North Carolina state record Tiger shark (1150 pounds) which was caught in 1966 at the Yaupon pier on Oak Island NC.


Tackle Shop 910-278-6464

Oak Island ( Yaupon ) Family Fishing Pier is located on the barrier Island of Oak Island in Southeast North Carolina. The Pier is noted for it's excellent saltwater fishing. In the year 2007 over 250 King Mackerel were landed, it's also an excellent Trout and Flounder Pier. Fishing starts around the first of April with large Bluefish followed by Whiting, Spanish, Trout and Flounder. King Mackerel start to show up when the the water gets to 64 degrees. Other species caught are Cobia, Whiting (Virginia Mullet), Pompano, Spots, Sharks, Tarpon, Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Red Drum, Croaker, Grey Trout, Ladyfish, Spadefish, and Pinfish. The North Carolina State Record for Tiger Shark came off this Pier in 1966 by Walter Maxwell, it weighed 1150 lbs


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Oak Island North Carolina Family Fishing Pier

Pier History

Yaupon Pier was built in1955,rebuilt in 1972 and again in 1992.
At 27 feet above sea level, the Yaupon Pier is the tallest in North Carolina. Top fish are 50lb King in 2002, 47lb African Pompano. 83lb Tarpon, 37lb Jack Crevalle, 16lb Sheepshead and a State Record 1,150lb Tiger Shark caught in 1966 by Walter Maxwell 

Matt with our Pier Mascot   "Henry"

Oak Island North Carolina Family Fishing Pier